Jack Welch Was Right, And Other Quick Hits

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Get Over It, White America

So I finally got around to watching this clip of film critic (is that even a real job?) Jake Hamilton interviewing Samuel L. Jackson and refusing to say the “N-word” despite prodding from the star of Django Unchained. Granted, Jackson is being a dick about it, trying to make a white man squirm which is what the N-word is all about for black people. Yet, this pussy Hamilton seems like he wouldn’t say the word unless he was water-boarded.

Words have power if you give them power. If you use the N-word in the context of discussion about the word, there’s nothing wrong with that. Nigger. There, see? No one died. I’m not calling anyone a nigger, I’m talking about the word nigger.

What does the word nigger mean? In its original context it meant “lesser,” “subhuman.” The white man would call a black man a nigger as a way of telling him you are less than me, you’re genetically inferior, a mutant, thus I devalue you. We know that this is not the case in reality. Thus, the black culture rightly adopted the word in order to devalue its evil meaning, but now it’s used as a weapon to blackmail(!) white people into believing that in their hearts they must be racist and thus should give all their money to the government or some such nonsense. Just watch Maxine Waters speak for 10 seconds if you don’t get what I mean.

Non-racist whites need to stop living in fear of the racist label.


SOPA Dead For Now, Lessons Abound

I had a college professor once say, “Don’t get mad, get better.” This turn of phrase applies to more than meets the eye.

It’s often been said by libertarians like myself that the only way to fight bad speech is with more speech. In other words, you don’t try and stop people from speaking, you simply make a better argument rendering their bad speech impotent.

The same is true with technology. A bill in Congress getting a lot of ink is SOPA which stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act.” As with most if not all Congressional bills, the name is as such that you couldn’t possibly disagree with the wording. They should really just add “And Feed Starving Children” to the end of every bill thus rendering any vote against it a crime against humanity.

Regardless, the SOPA bill is, surprise surprise, not what it’s cracked up to be. It’s intent (they say) is to have Google and other online search sites stop linking to file-sharing sites and require ISPs to block these sites. Obviously this is something that Hollywood and the music industry are pushing, but opponents say this goes against what has been a free and open Internet and requires too much policing by the ISPs and search engines. There’s also the fact that if given this power it’s just a gateway to more power for the government.

One of Steve Jobs’ first inventions was a device that would trick phone lines into giving you free long distance. What happened after that? The phone companies developed new technology to work around such devices. In other words, they didn’t get mad, they got better. (Well, they did get mad actually, but they also got better and the delicate dance between hacking and innovation continues.)

The same can be said here. Instead of trying to stifle the free flow of the Internet, the movie and music companies need to find ways to make the current technological situation work for them. An example of this was recently showcased by, of all people, comedian Louis C.K.:

Days after comedian Louis C.K. launched his content and distribution experiment, the results are in, and it appears that he may have inadvertently kicked off a new era of celebrity-controlled Internet content.

On Dec. 10, C.K. offered his one-hour “Live at the Beacon Theater” show for streaming or download for $5, free of any digital rights management (DRM). The move received a lot of attention via traditional and social media, but the main question on every one’s mind was: How will a show delivered directly from a niche comedian do when offered without the marketing muscle and distribution controls of a major company like HBO or Comedy Central?

According to data posted on C.K.’s Web site, the experiment pulled in a $200,000 profit.

This is the future. While the big entertainment companies are certainly within their rights to try and stop piracy of their intellectual property, running to the government isn’t the solution. If you make your product inexpensive and easily accessible then online pirates will be banished to Davy Jones’ Locker.

Pop Culture "Ran Into A Door"

I love the website Big Hollywood, but sometimes reading it makes me weep for all of mankind. No, that’s hacky. It’s more like it makes me want to smack mankind around while shouting “you made me do this!”

Anyway, some fun headlines:

1) Actor Beau Bridges speaks out for stricter gun control laws. What a novel idea! Has anyone else thought of this? I mean, the genius of it. Think of what crime would be like if we had only thought of this 50 years ago after the Kennedy assassinations. Whaaaat? You mean we already have enacted countless gun control laws? Criminals are still getting weapons while law-abiding citizens have to wait 3 to 10 days to get their guns? What the hell happened?

2) Lady Gaga toasts Tebow on Twitter. Just how big is Tim Tebow right now? He’s so big that Lady Gaga, the queen of corporate-generated pop culture feels the need to step into his spotlight. Kind of the Twitter equivalent of Ariana Huffington knocking over Schwarzenegger’s mic stands. John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus and he may have been right at the time. Tebow could make a similar claim but he isn’t that type of guy.

3) Report: Beyonce, Jay-Z Baby Security Prevents Man From Seeing Newborns in Hospital. Not much to say here really. The rich and powerful get what they want and the rest of us can suck it. Of course, the Hollywood elites will always speak out against corporate greed and for the little guy, as long as they don’t have to consort with the little guy or think about the fact that some big smelly truck driver who voted for Bush twice is a vital part of making sure their foie gras is on their dinner table. I have a fantasy where I get to sit in a fancy restaurant with someone like Barbra Streisand and tell her all about the unclean steps that lead to her meal and how “going green” will make it that much harder for her duck a l’orange to keep that level of succulence. What else do we have if not dreams?

4) Snoop Dogg busted for marijuana possession. Also from the news desk, Tim Tebow loves Jesus.

5) Paging Steve Guttenberg: ‘Police Academy’ reboot in the works. I repeat: “You made me do this!”

Morgan Freeman Hates You

I don’t begrudge Hollywood stars having their own political views or expressing them. It’s their right as Americans (try that in your beloved Cuba geniuses!), but you have to wonder about the rationality of a person whose livelihood depends on the movie-going public telling the movie-going public that he hates 50% of them.

Morgan Freeman is a liberal. No surprise, I assumed it. It’s cool. It never bothered me. I enjoyed Shawshank Redemption as did millions of others. Freeman’s role in that film is one for the ages, parodied in pop culture to the point that even if you haven’t seen the film, you at least know the gist. Yet, Freeman seems to believe that while millions of people enjoy his work in countless films (and the “Electric Company”), they also kinda wish he would hang from a tree.

Puzzling, to say the least. There are countless theories on why Hollywood celebrities think the way they do. One strong theory is that it all comes down to guilt. You make millions of dollars pretending to be someone else on camera, you live the high-life, so you feel you must become a warrior for the downtrodden, the environment, anyone that seems to be in opposition to America, etc. Another theory is that when you live in a pretend world, you lose all sense of reality. Or maybe to be a good actor, you just need to be a elitist jerk.

Whatever the case, it’s gonna be hard for me to take Freeman seriously in his future endeavors. It’s one thing to know that the actors you watch on screen don’t agree with you politically, it’s quite another to know that they hate your guts.