Hating Oil (or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Insanity)

Had an interesting Twitter exchange with haters of “Big Oil” the other day:

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.10.11 AM

It was at this point that I was at a loss. Essentially, I’d just been told by Connor that the Sun is not hot, but in fact, it’s cold.

It’s mind-boggling how so many people find it in themselves to hate that which gives them life. I’m not talking about mommy…I’m talking about that black stuff in the ground. Everything we have in our lives is thanks to oil. The way we live, the way we travel, the tools we use, the food we eat…it’s all thanks to oil. Oil drives society. It’s the reason my house is 72-degrees right now. It’s why I was able to eat a delicious breakfast. It’s why I’m able to travel to places I want to go at speeds exceeding 60 miles-per-hour. And before you say, “Well, that’s natural gas, or that’s coal” yes, that’s true in many things, but what gets those things working? Coal didn’t get the guy working at the coal mine to work. It was oil. And yes, we have solar and wind power…and what lubricates the gears and mechanisms to those alternative energies? Oil. What makes all the synthetic plastics used in pretty much every industry? Oil.

But I’m supposed to hate oil. I’m suppose to hate the oil companies. I’m supposed to hate the guys that invest billions to study land masses to see if they have oil, buy expensive equipment to drill for the oil and refine the oil and then, directly or indirectly, sell it to me so I don’t have to start a campfire to keep warm or hope and pray my food hasn’t spoiled while sitting in a hole in the ground or have to walk miles to get a haircut. What bastards!

The hatred of oil – for those who aren’t merely sheep following the liberal line – is a hatred of humanity. They don’t hate the oil so much as the fact that they hate humans ruling the planet and living in comfort while the rest of G-d’s creatures (outside of man’s realm) fight for survival on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with expecting the oil companies to be environmentally responsible, but that’s not what the environmental movement is about. They, like al-Qaeda, want to take the culture back centuries. They are not progressive, they are regressive. Don’t be fooled.

UPDATE: This ties in nicely to my above thesis. Told you.

Chaos In Georgia

The Georgian troops are so humiliated and out of their element, they’ve begun firing at friendly journalists:

These sort of world events remind us how far ahead America is as a civilized culture. Granted Russia is running roughshod over the Georgian Army, but even the Russian Army is chaotic and ill-trained. The Georgian Army is probably less equipped mentally and physically than the Rhode Island National Guard.

Rush said it best. This is about oil. Russia wants to control all of the Oil flowing to Europe while our government works to prevent us from drilling for our own oil.

Oil Price Plunges

What have I been telling you? Since late Friday we’ve seen Barack Obama flip-flop on domestic drilling in Florida and the House Republicans stage a sit-in of sorts on the House Floor over oil drilling. Come Monday morning what happens? Oil drops $4 right out of the gate.

I’ll say it again…you don’t have to drill to get oil prices to go down (though it helps), you first need to let the world know you’re willing to do it! That’s how the markets work, especially the oil market. It’s based on predictions and the current state of affairs. It’s also the same with foreign policy. A country like Iran isn’t going to concede to certain demands unless we show that we’re willing to take them on militarily if necessary. That’s why the Bush Administration has said for years, “nothing is off the table.” It all comes down to intentions.

McCain Evens Things Up

I don’t put a lot of stock in polls before October, but I can’t scoff at the significance of the latest Rasmussen poll that shows McCain in a dead heat or slightly leading Barack Obama. Considering that the MSM is in the tank for Obama and gives him 24/7 coverage, this is pretty big. Is the bloom indeed off the rose for Obama and can he get it back? Perhaps in a related story, Obama has flip-flopped even further on oil drilling which has emboldened House Republicans. Gotta like how things are going right now.

Republicans Finally Grow A Pair

A group of House Republicans have stayed behind in Washington while Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have left town for the summer break. Despite the fact that the Congress is closed and the C-SPAN cameras have been shut off, they’ve stayed behind to debate bills aimed at drilling for more oil and bringing down gas prices. To top it off, they have officially asked President Bush to call a Special Session of Congress:

Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee (RSC), and Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), former Chairman of RSC, today urged President Bush to call for a special session of Congress after the House adjourned without allowing a vote on comprehensive legislation to develop more American energy and help the millions of Americans currently feeling pain at the gas pump.

I’m not sure I have faith in Bush to do something this ballsy, but I wish he would. This is exactly what the Republicans need to be doing. It’s a golden opportunity that’s been handed to them by Reid and Pelosi.

UPDATE: A Gang of 10 in the Senate?

MORE:The Guerilla Congress.” See what a little moxie can do? Don’t let up guys, don’t let up!

Oil Prices Plunge

Well, well, well. President Bush lifts the executive ban on offshore drilling and the very next day oil drops 7-bucks a barrel. Amazingly, there no mention of Bush’s action as a possible reason in this AP story.

What have I been saying? You don’t have to drill to lower the price of oil, you just have to let the world know you’re prepared to do it. Pelosi and Schumer know this too…they know it damn well.

MORE: The Popinjay’s Senior Analyst for Economics and Coffee, a.k.a. “UJ” has this to add:

Don’t forget one of the more obvious causes of high oil prices…the U.S. dollar. If you were an Italian oilman and purchased a barrel of oil in the year 2000, you would have paid 45 Euros for it. Today you would pay about 80 Euros, so oil has really only gone up about 90%, not 350% as it has here because of the devaluing of the dollar. Many uneducated people do not understand this including the MSM. Need I say more?