Blogging Is Dead

The time has come to make an admission: Blogging is dead. By that I mean, Blogging, as a means of expression, reporting, and journalism, is dead for all but a select few. It began about 10 years ago with people like Andrew Sullivan, the guys at Powerline, Roger L. Simon, and others leading the way. As the decade moved on (as the laws of evolution dictate), the strong survived, and the weak either died off or scrimped by off the scraps. Hot Air, Ace, Stacy McCain, Simon and others are the cream that rose to the top, and while we can still call them “Bloggers” if we’re so inclined, their sites have moved to a more straight-news style (with some exceptions) and Twitter has become the first line of communication…one that I have embraced in the past year, at times, to an almost obsessive extent.

Those of you that have read my blog these many years (and its many reformattings/re-brandings/neuroses) should fear not…I’m not going anywhere. (or whatever) shall live on as long as I and/or the Internet itself lives. I’ll continue to type out my thoughts from time to time, but I won’t pretend to do so under the illusion that it’s 2004 and I’m going to change the world in this venue.

This is not to say that all is lost (despite my legendary pessimism). Like the Godfather, Glenn Reynolds, i.e. Instapundit, says, “Journalism isn’t a profession, it’s an activity…” The fight isn’t over because Blogging is dead, it just means the fight will continue in other media. While even I sometimes, like McLuhan, wish things would slow down a little bit re: technology…it’s important to embrace each new form of communication because you never know which one might just pop and become a tool for revolution and the eventual defeat of our tyrannical enemies.

So do not despair…the cause will prevail, but not here. It will prevail in a land of zeroes and ones we probably haven’t even dreamed of yet. Should be fun.

April Fools? Sadly, No

As is my wont, I’ve just been going through the news this morning and I realized that this pseudo-holiday we call April Fools’ Day is about as relevant as Boxing Day to your average American. How can one briefed on our current state of affairs think of anything that could possibly top it? Move over “children;” every day is April Fools’ Day…but it’s all real.

The Future Of Blogging (Here At Least)

Readers of this blog will note that I went all minimalist this weekend. I’ve been pondering whether to continue blogging at all as I fear the the medium itself may be dead or dying. Of course, not for everyone, but the gap between the great blog sites and the second-tier sites has widened and with the ascension of Twitter, many of us (myself included) have left our blogs to rust while we spend our days sending out little quips in the forms of tweets and retweets.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Twitter fits my personality which has always been to make quick, off the cuff remarks. Manifestos have never been my strong suit. But there is a place for blogging when one wants to make a larger point. I’ve decided it’s time to scale back on the site, get rid of the useless widgets and make this blog more of a daily journal in the style of James Lileks. Of course, that will take some commitment as well, but nothing ventured…

I’m also on the fence as to whether I should even call myself the Libertarian Popinjay anymore. While I’m still libertarian in spirit, should Obama win another term I may end up embracing existentialism (assuming that is what I think it is).

How pretentious. Hope you’ll join me.

Working On A Comeback

Hi folks. Sorry for the long radio silence on the website and Twitter. The Popinjay has been extremely ill for the past week and only now starting to get some energy back. Also getting ready for a big move to the other side of Las Vegas in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.