Huskers Football State Of Emergency

**WELCOME FOLKS IN HUSKER LAND! Just a heads-up to avoid confusion…I am NOT the Jim Rose that calls the Husker football games. I am an alum of UNL, however. Thanks for stopping by!**

Folks, it’s a bad situation in Lincoln, Nebraska, home of my alma-mater the University of Nebraska and the legendary Nebraska Cornhuskers. We lost to USC…that was bad, but understandable. Then we lost to Missouri, just bad. Then, we get clobbered at home to Oklahoma State and a bunch of fans leave the game at halftime…that’s unprecedented. It’s so bad, the Drudge Report has a link to the story…and Drudge couldn’t care less about football.

My sources tell me that the fans have gone from calling for the defensive coordinator to be fired, to the whole coaching staff and the Athletic Director to be fired. There are also rumors that the University is trying to reach out to former defensive coordinator Bo Pellini, who still has a lot of fans in the state from his one-year stint with the team that included serving as interim-Head Coach for the bowl game victory against Michigan State. However, I’m told Pellini wouldn’t consider it unless AD Steve Pederson is fired and he gets to hire his own coaches. This post from Guerillaspot lends some credence to this:

“Pelini said Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson “stopped talking” to him in the days leading up to the bowl game and, following the victory, Pederson didn’t fly back to Lincoln with the team.

Pederson eventually spoke with Pelini about the opening, but Pelini said it was clear he had no chance of landing the job.

“It was just a token interview,” Pelini said. “(Pederson) brought me in because he had to bring me in. He told me I was being considered, but I don’t think I ever was. He wanted to hire a name guy. He would’ve hired anybody that had a big name.”

Chancellor Harvey Pearlman has some big decisions to make, and they had better be the right ones. The boosters are not happy and there’s no more powerful group in the state than these folks, believe me.

UPDATE: The fans are indeed restless and the Blogosphere is full of people calling for a house-cleaning. Just to be clear, the stuff I’m hearing is merely word-of-mouth. I have no solid sources on any information, but if I do, I’ll sing like a canary. More rumors here.


One thought on “Huskers Football State Of Emergency

  1. The great thing about the current drama at UNL is that I discover other Nebraskans and their blogs!I hope to read more of your postings.Your mention of Pelini story has me wondering about the dynamics of decision making along with the capacity of the former AD to have any kind of dialog about what direction the program should take.Of course, dialog when massive egos are in play is kind of silly to be looking for.Great to find your blog.Keep creating,Mike

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