Ron Silver Fights For His Life

Actor Ron Silver always had a special place on the Rush Limbaugh Show. At the 1993 Inauguration of Bill Clinton, Silver was heard over microphones to say something to the effect of “What are those jets doing overhead?” until he realized that since a Democrat was now in office that they were “our jets now!” and was pleased as punch.

Silver seemed to be a typical Hollywood liberal, but through the 90’s he began to moderate a bit, supporting Rudy Giuliani in his runs for Mayor of New York.

Then, on 9/11/01, the world changed and Ron Silver changed with it. He realized that there were such things as good and evil and that no matter what America does or says, there are people out there that want to destroy us. Silver got more involved in the political process and became a foreign policy hawk and even started hanging out with the likes of Roger L. Simon.

In 2007, Roger L. gave Silver a blog site on Pajamas Media called “Silver Bullet.” I was excited to read it but in the entirety of 2008, there wasn’t a single post, yet the blog was still there. I wondered what was going on. It would seem that we finally got the answer today as Roger L. Simon talked about his interview yesterday on Air America:

Let me first say something about my good friend Ron that is perhaps a little bit out of school, although he has alluded to it on his own Sirius radio show. For the last two-three years Ron Silver has been battling terminal illness, the one we most fear, taking all manner of debilitating chemo-therapy treatments, experimental and otherwise, while continuing to traipse across the country, often in acute pain, speaking out on those political issues that cost him many a Hollywood job. (He was once a leading man.) Ron Silver has shown more guts than almost any human being I know, whatever his political viewpoints.

“The one we most fear”…i.e. cancer. Terrible news, but kudos to Ron for fighting on and keeping up a busy schedule. Sometimes staying busy is the best thing you can do in a situation like that. Here’s hoping he can beat this thing and continue to be a voice of sanity in Hollywood.

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