Obama’s Problem With Brits

Remember what are rapidly become some of the best years of our lives, i.e. the George W. Bush years? Remember when President Bush, never the best speaker, would occasionally mispronounce a foreign leader’s name, or use the word “awesome” when talking to Pope Benedict XVI or when he, horror of horrors, (brace yourself) winked at Queen Elizabeth II? Remember how the political left and the MSM (sorry for the repetition) would just wring their hands at what an embarrassment it was for the United State with the international community?

Now return to year one of post-capitalist America, where President Barack Obama just got through treating the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, our strongest ally, like he was the ambassador from Liechtenstein. The fact that PM Brown got a parting gift of a bunch of DVD’s (I wonder if they’re Region 1 or Region 2?) can hardly be of any solace. So, yes, I’m going to waste my time, channel Bob Dole and ask the laughable and rhetorical question ‘Where’s the outrage?’ Hell, I have a follow up: ‘And if Bush treated Brown this way?’

I make myself laugh. Anywho, Baldilocks has a theory for Obama’s hatred of the British people.

What the hell, I’ll take a page out of the Dixie Chicks book: Prime Minister Brown, if you’re reading this…I’m sorry our president is such a tosser.


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