Missouri Police Target Tea Party-Goers

Timothy Birdnow over at the American Thinker has the goods. Apparently, Ron Paul stickers, pro-gun signs, anti-immigration rhetoric and the like are all considered the signs of “would-be terrorists.”

Now before we go off the deep end here…certainly most police forces are trained and schooled in the area of right-wing militias which enjoyed their media-peak in the early to mid-90’s (thank you Janet Reno). However, we have to hope that they know the difference between someone carrying a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag at a Tea Party to protest our government’s current economic policies to someone who is actually advocating the overthrow of the government. I think Ron Paul is a nutjob, but he’s hardly comparable to the Turner Diaries.

Birdnow makes the case that there is reason for suspicion in Missouri due to the fact that two St. Louis prosecutors were ready to prosecute anyone that protested against Barack Obama during the presidential campaign, known as the Obama “Truth Squads.” This story may be much ado about nothing, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

If only the Clinton administration had paid as much attention to Islamic extremism as it did to right-wing militias we might be living in a very different world today. (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)

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