Smart Money Is On Liz Cheney

I like Sarah Palin, I really do, but if the GOP is looking for their version of Margaret Thatcher, they need to seriously look at Liz Cheney. She’s the daughter of the former Vice President; she has a resume that’s long as your arm and she is smart as hell. Appearances on cable news talking-head shows have blown away the likes of Rush Limbaugh and other conservative experts and she says she’s very open to the idea of running for office, once she raises her kids and helps dear old Dad write his memoirs.
Granted, she’s not as pretty as Palin, but neither is Thatcher. It’s unfortunate, but the state-run media was able to destroy Dan Quayle and it looks like they may succeed with Palin. She has a lot of horse-sense and is very smart, but Liz Cheney makes everyone around her look downright retarded. What’s so enticing about Cheney is how she doesn’t play the game…her arguments don’t accept the premises of her opponents and she ends up destroying them with truth.

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