How The Blogosphere Became Professional Wrestling

Strange place, the Blogosphere. The very term was coined by libertarian blogger Bill Quick who blogs at Daily Pundit. How right he was, for the Blogosphere has developed its own ecosystem.

When I first started reading blogs about 5 or 6 years ago, I started with Andrew Sullivan, who at the time was giving the New York Times a lot of trouble over the direction the Old Grey Lady had been taken by Howell Raines. The plagarism scandal along with Raines use of the paper for his own ideological purposes was exposed by Sully and eventually led to Raines downfall. Wow! The power of one blog!

Not long after you had Little Green Footballs take a major role in exposing Dan Rather’s use of fake documents to try and ruin the reelections chances of George W. Bush. Again, these simple little blogs, doing the work the MSM refused to do, were making a difference.

But something funny happened on the road to journalism’s redemption. Andrew Sullivan, a homosexual, became enamored with the issue of gay marriage. Can’t blame him, it’s an issue that’s very important to him. He also was disgusted with what he saw as torture by American forces in Iraq and Club Gitmo. Again, fair enough, but these two issues seemed to lead Sullivan to a full blown conversion from conservative to liberal. Before you could say “Hope and Change” Sullivan was ready to have Barack Obama’s babies (were that possible).

Then we move to Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs. Fresh off his smackdown of Dan Rather, he was the go-to blog for anti-Jihad news. But then he got a bug up his ass…Creationism. Look, I don’t like creationism either. I’m a Republican, but I think it’s nonsense. However, if you pose the question, what should kids be taught in school, creationism or evolution, my answer is simple: both. They’re two schools of thought and kids should be aware of both and then make up their own minds about it in college after they’ve experiences their fair share of benders. This along with a new-found fear of European Naziism, led Charles Johnson to start declaring war on anyone he felt fit into these two catogories. It’s gotten to the point that if he has proof that you laughed at the Nazi characters in Hogan’s Heroes, you were banned from the comments section. Charles has now broken ties with Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Robert Stacy McCain, Power Line and even the site he helped co-found, Pajamas Media. Then, just the other night, one of his site managers went to the comments section of Hot Air…said a bunch of racial stuff that wasn’t immediately removed (Ed and Allah were in bed), and thus accused the site of allowing racist comments.

Let’s be clear: Sullivan and Johnson can have whatever beliefs they choose. They’re free to go from right to left and everywhere in between to their heart’s desire. What is so strange is that the very actions they used to condemn are now their modus operandi.

What happened here? What led these two bloggers of some renown to make such a big ideological switch and then declare war on their former allies? Not knowing either man, I’ll certainly never know, but it reminds me of pro-wrestling where one of the good guys turns on his mates and then there’s a showdown at Wrestlemania, etc., etc.

Is the Blogosphere being run by Vince McMahon?

UPDATE: Welcome “The Other McCain” readers!


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