It’s Official: No More Making Fun Of The French

For they have elected a president with a firm grasp of reality. I don’t agree with Nicholas Sarkozy on everything, but on the stuff that really, really matters, he is golden.

From the National Post, via Breitbart:

“President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.

“Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.

“I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state off the map,” he continued, referring to Israel.

The sharp-tongued French leader even implied that Mr Obama’s resolution 1887 had used up valuable diplomatic energy.

“If we have courage to impose sanctions together it will lend viability to our commitment to reduce our own weapons and to making a world without nuke weapons,” he said.

Mr Sarkozy has previously called the US president’s disarmament crusade “naive.”

“We live in the real world, not the virtual world. And the real world expects us to take decisions.”



2 thoughts on “It’s Official: No More Making Fun Of The French

  1. You should take a second look at Breitbart before you praise them. They were on the brink of bankruptcy before this…Andrew Breitbart is the worse kind of capitalist. (*I am a capitalist and a registered Independent.) He uses conservatives to fill his pocketbook. His sites take hints and advice then acts like they did serious research. He doesn't care about us. He care about his dollar. Please think twice before praising someone like that that works against the true conservative movement.

  2. As this isn't Little Green Footballs, I welcome your comments and I'm happy to publish them.Of course, Breitbart is making money. If he indeed is more interested in money than conservative principles, I don't know as I don't know the man, but the fact that he is doing what the MSM refuses to do has to count for something. Maybe he saw an opportunity much as Rupert Murdoch did when he started Fox News: an opportunity to fill a void in the marketplace. Again, results have to count for something.

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