Rush Limbaugh Slammed On ESPN

It was bound to happen. After a report on the ownership situation of the St. Louis Rams, John Saunders of ESPN quipped, “Dave Checketts is a solid individual, I don’t know what he’s doing hooked up with Rush Limbaugh right now, as a matter of fact.”


2 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Slammed On ESPN

  1. Yep, I heard that and I immediately fired off an email to ESPN demanding they leave their sports reporting to sports. If I wanted to know a jock wanna-be's political viewpoints I'd tune in to Olbermann on the National Barrack Channel. If Rush gets the Rams, he has a loyal built in national fan base right out of the gate. John Saunders, a Canadian who's probably never been a 100 yards within range of Rush on the radio, should keep his pinhead politics off the air.

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