Obama’s Petty War

You know, during the last decade supporters of George W. Bush were often frustrated with his refusal to take on his enemies in the media (which were many). President Bush always refused feeling that such actions were not presidential and relied on his belief that if you did the right thing, it doesn’t matter what others say.

Well, it does matter what others say. If the proverbial “they” continue to say it over and over and over again without any kind of rebuttal, they are in a strong position to shape pop culture. However, Bush’s stand on the issue has been strengthened by the actions of current President Barack Obama. His war against Fox News, the one and only broadcast news outlet that is not fully in his camp, is petty, vindictive and definitely not presidential. Fox News is not perfect and does do a lot of cheer-leading for Republicans, Tea Partyers and so on, but they do not deserve to be targeted by the head of the Federal Government. Obama’s actions are a complete 180 from George W. Bush’s. Bush needed to take a swipe at his enemies once in a while, rather than not at all, while Barack Obama needs to tone down his anti-Fox rhetoric. Granted, he has plenty of cover from the rest of his in-the-tank broadcast media, but the America people (remember them?) who don’t eat, drink and breath all that goes on in the Beltway are going to see bits and pieces of this and wonder like the Brit’s of old…”what’s all this then?”

I could be wrong. Obama’s plan could work beautifully and be a major step to forming an authoritarian dictatorship, but this is just what I’m seeing right now.


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