Scozzafava Drops Out Of NY23

Weird. This race has just been a train-wreck from start to finish. Have so many Republicans (like Newt Gingrich) really forgotten the lessons of Barry Goldwater. Pop quiz: what was Barry Goldwater’s first rallying cry when he hit the political scene in the 1950’s? Answer: A choice, not an echo. Goldwater ran for the U.S. Senate as a different kind of Republican. He saw that the party was nothing but an echo of the Democrat Party: a New Deal Light, as it were. Why not give the American people a choice?

Standing on principles is hard, because it means that sometimes you’re going to lose. The GOP plays not to lose, so they run a liberal in New York figuring a Conservative can’t win in the very blue state. This tactic assumes that minds are static and cannot be changed. Who in the 1980’s ever would have thought that someone like Rudolph Giuliani would get elected as Mayor of New York City and turn the city around on a dime? Why shouldn’t a conservative run for office in New York or even Berkley, California? You have to stand for something and hold firm because someday, your day will come.

So now we have a two-man race in NY23. Hopefully Hoffman can win over the Scozzafava votes and win it. Tuesday should be interesting.


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