Election Night Lessons

Well, what did we learn tonight?

Big win for the GOP in Virginia, but it was expected. HUGE win in New Jersey, somewhat unexpected. Together, they make for a big night for the Republicans and a bad night for the Dems.

Meanwhile, you have NY23. Probably won’t hear the final results tonight and right now it doesn’t look like Conservative Doug Hoffman will pull it off, but that’s not his fault. The GOP elitists absolutely blew it. Gingrich and a group of faceless party hacks have decided that despite all the evidence to the contrary, the road to victory is to turn the GOP into Democrat Party-light. Hello 1960! Dede Scozzafava was not even a RINO, she was a Democrat through and through. Something needs to change in the GOP ivory tower or they could very well blow 2010.

But in the meantime, Hazzah!


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