Republicans Make Gains Leading Into 2010

Here’s what you need to know about the off-year elections going on tonight:

The Virginia governor’s race is already over. The Republican McDonnell ran away with it. The only question left is by how much. Big win for GOP as Virginia is a key swing state that helped Obama to victory last year. The bigger the margin, the worse for Obama.

New Jersey is a nail-biter, but my money is on Corzine to win. Reasons? 1) A lot of conservatives have left the state; 2) New Jersey is notorious for embracing the worst politicians they can (see Jim McGreevey); and 3) Fraud, fraud and more fraud. But you never know.

New York 23: Whether Hoffman wins or loses, the point has been made by the conservatives, a loss won’t stop the momentum leading into 2010 nor will it mean a reprieve for the party establishment from the base.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: WHOA! AP calls New Jersey for Christie…the Republican.


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