As Expected, Nelson Caves On Health Care

In what should be a surprise to NO ONE…Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson has caved on the Harry Reid health care bill. As predicted, Reid gave Nelson enough semantic wiggle room on abortion funding (though that’s in dispute) plus a truck-load of cash to secure what is most likely the 60th vote for cloture clearing the way for a majority vote.

It appears Mary Landrieu isn’t the only member of the Senate that practices the oldest profession.

Thanks, Nebraska. Well done.

Here’s more from a great blog you should bookmark: Leavenworth Street – The Talk of Nebraska Politics.

Oh, and by the way, the two reporters who reported the White House was threatening Ben Nelson with closing Offutt Air Force Base are standing by their story. I’ve been told that, well, they’re conservative journalists so they are biased and just as bad as any liberal journalists. Okay, so I should put my stock in a real news outlets, like the New York Times, former home of Jayson Blair, or CNN, former home of Eason Jordan, or CBS, former home of Dan Rather…and so on.

Yes, you may have noticed, I’m angry. I’m angry that my country is being wrecked…and it may be too late to roll back the tide.

MORE: A rundown of the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the 49 other states that were played for suckers.


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