Media Bias At Yahoo! News

Normally I don’t spend a lot of time on media bias, though it’s a subject pretty much relevant in every political story these days. However, this caught my eye. I was reading an article on Yahoo! about the Astor son going to jail for looting his mom’s money, when something in the sidebar caught my eye:

Scandals? Was Sarah Palin involved in a scandal in 2009? I clicked on the link to a story on which was titled “12 biggest controversies of 2009″ with the Sarah Palin “controversy” being her resignation as Governor of Alaska.

Maybe I’m splitting hairs, but a “scandal” and a “controversy” seem very different to me. Both have a negative connotation, but a scandal is worth about 10 controversies if they were baseball cards.

Could it be some Yahoo! editor couldn’t resist the opportunity to put up Palin’s picture with the word “scandals” next to it?

Ah, temptation.


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