OMG! Ben "Cornhusker Kickback" Nelson Outdoes Himself…Again!

He’s having an epic week. Today, the bulwark of conservatives in the U.S. Senate, Jim DeMint introduced an amendment to ban vote-buying with earmarks. Of course, it would never pass, but the point was to get all members of the great deliberative body on the record as either supporting corruption or not. Well, it failed 53-46. But wait, there’s only 39 Republicans (Bunning went home). Well, seven Democrats covered their asses…including one Ben Nelson, but he did it in the most ass-way possible.

Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), who secured a special earmark for his state that forces taxpayers in 49 states to fund Medicaid in Nebraska, first voted against the ban on trading earmarks for votes but switched his vote before the final tally. Senator DeMint responded, “Senator Nelson, unfortunately, is trying to have it both ways, he was for trading his vote for earmarks before he was against it.

I haven’t seen anyone go down in flames like this since Tiger Woods…but he at least looked like a stud in the process. Just astounding.


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