Texas Tech Coach Suspended Indefinitely

What is the deal lately with Big 12 football coaches?

Weeks ago, Mark Mangino was fired from Kansas University for alleged abusive treatment of players. He was replaced by Nebraska quarterback legend Turner Gill.

Now we have word that Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, known as a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to offensive schemes, has been suspended indefinitely for allegedly having a player, who was suffering from a concussion and rapid-heart beat, confined to a dark room where he could neither sit or lie down.


It doesn’t help matters that the play is the son of ESPN college football analyst Craig James.

I know things were tough back in the days of Bear Bryant, but this sort of stuff seems over the line even for him.

There are some articles out there about whether we’re getting too soft as a society and in our expectations of football coaches. That may be so, but concussions are no longer considered the same thing as knee-sprain. It’s easy for fans to defend coaches in this regard…they’re not the one’s out there on the field putting their lives on the line for our amusement. Concussions can lead to the second half of your life being a constant struggle and the NFL has recently decided to take it seriously despite the words and actions of a-holes like Hines Ward. Maybe we are getting too soft, but coaches have to be smart…politically. Trying to play “old school” with a player that has a concussion is putting yourself on the losing side of the argument these days. Someone who is supposed to be as smart as Leach should know that.


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