Brit Hume Creates Most Boring Controversy Ever

So Brit Hume was on Fox News Sunday and suggested that Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity in order to deal with his so-called shattered life.

You’ve heard all the opinions on the subject, now here’s the right-libertarian-agnostic position:

Who cares?

I’ll say it again…who cares?

This is what I’ve never understood about atheists and Hollywood-style Christian haters…who cares what they say? Hume is a Christian and part of their religion is a belief that everyone can be “saved” if they accept Jesus. Hume said it, it’s done, what’s the problem?

Others have said Tiger Woods should get therapy, or he should save his marriage, or do charity work, or eat an entire box of Chips Ahoy. All are reasonable suggestions with different degrees of success…just like the suggestion to find Jesus.

It’s just standard Christian bashing from the country’s elites and those that cringe knowing coins say “In God We Trust.”

Get over it.


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