Scott Brown And The Second Boston Tea Party

Well, it happened. I was doubtful enough that the GOP could win the governor’s race in New Jersey, but talk about doubling-down. David Gergen will have to cry blue-blooded tears into his cocktail in a corner of Sally Quinn’s drawing room while Chris Matthews weeps at the grave of Tip O’Neill asking, “Why?!!”

Irony of ironies, while all this was going down, I was at UNLV tonight watching Garrison Keillor speak for 90+ minutes on his life in Lake Wobegon. Fortunately, Keillor kept his politics to himself other than to say he is a liberal Democrat. He was in fine form, and while I laughed at tales of Aunt Evelyn and her green bowling ball, my heart was full knowing that Scott Brown had quite possible saved my country by running a brilliant campaign in the bluest of blue states.

Driving home in the Las Vegas rain, (yes, it rains here) I listened to the BBC World News on socialist-state radio. Listening to the Brits report on American politics can be rather refreshing. They’re not afraid to use works like “humiliating,” “cataclysmic,” and “arrogant.” If this were a meal, I wouldn’t be able to eat another bite.

Gas up the truck indeed!

MORE: Rush Limbaugh: “This one’s for you, Mary Jo.” Heh!

EVEN MORE: Not to pile on Ted Kennedy, but the cold hard truth of the matter is, this is his fault. As some pundits have pointed out, if he had resigned his seat once he found out he had a brain tumor or hadn’t had them change the law on how to fill the seat, the Democrats would have held onto the seat. He clung on to the bitter end and his party now has to pay the price.

I guess there is such a thing as Karma after all.


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