Ghosts In The Machine

Gotta love the Internet. Caught on Instapundit that some are wondering about the image in the window of the White House in a picture from the Financial Times. No doubt it’s the reflection of someone in the area, but much like Dick Cheney’s boat mistress, it good for a giggle.

After looking at the photo, I see quite a few faces…

What’s more…none of the faces look happy. Welcome to Obama’s America.

Welcome Instapundit readers! This is just a taste of the wit and wisdom of the Libertarian Popinjay.


8 thoughts on “Ghosts In The Machine

  1. I agree: the one on the left is deffinitely Hebert Hoover. The one on the right, however, I strongly suspect to be Ronnald Reagan. No surprise that both of them cary a look of disappointment and sadness. As for the center, well, with this president there is no real center.

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