Who Is Mark Spivey?

Yesterday, we discussed the discovery of “Ellie Light,” a writer of letters to the editor in newspapers all over the country. The word “astroturf” came into the conversation and many bloggers are trying to find out if Ms. Light is actually an Obama operative.

Well, it appears it doesn’t stop there. Now we have the discovery of Mark Spivey, who like Light has written many letters to the editor in support of Barack Obama all over the country with an IP address reading Saudi Arabia. !?!

There’s something rotten in the state of HopeChange. Patterico and the gang are hot on the trail.

Look, the GOP might do things like this too, I don’t know. You might say, “Hey, that’s just politics.” Perhaps, but if this is in fact astroturfing, then it shows what I’ve always known, that newspaper are not the bastions of quality journalism they claim to be. They can get snookered just like the rest of ’em, “gatekeepers” and all.

That, of course assumes they’re not in on it. šŸ˜‰

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