Reaction To Worst SOTU Speech Ever

Well, give Barack Obama credit, he brings out the best in people. In his last address to the Congress he led an otherwise mild-mannered Congressman Joe Wilson to shout “You lie!” Now, in his recent SOTU address, he bored the crap out of Harry Reid and Janet Napolitano; made Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito shake his head and mouth the words “Not true,” and even got a rise out of Senator John McCain when he went on a blame Bush speil. McCain could be seen mouthing the words “Blame Bush” to Senator Lindsay Graham and then chuckling.

Yes, I know. A lot of this is muchado about nothing, catching people at inopportune moments, but let’s look at this blame Bush business. Yes, it is true that Barack Obama moved into a house with a leaky roof. So what did he do about it? Took a shotgun a blew holes in the ceiling!


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