Chicago Bears Hire Mike Martz

There’s something you need to realize about the NFL: it’s all about TV. The game has been molded and shaped to be the ultimate TV show. I don’t care that they’re building gigantic stadiums…TV is what the NFL is all about.

Look at the rules. People are complaining about the overtime coin-flip rule, but they forget, the rules are shaped so that a game can be played in as close to three hours as possible. If a change in overtime rules leads to games going another hour here and there, it would wreck a carefully planned broadcasting system.

Because the TV viewership is so important for the NFL, the individual teams have to find a way to watchable…and I’m not just talking about their playing ability. They have to be interesting.

This year the idea of watching the Seattle Seahawks was the ultimate yawner. Then last month they hired Pete Carroll as their Head Coach. Now they’re interesting. Now there’s some reason to view a Seahawks game.

And today we have the Chicago Bears hiring the mad-scientists Mike Martz to coach the offense, or more accurately, to coach Jay Cutler. Now the Bears are very, very interesting. Now, I would consider watching a Bears game if I had other choices. That’s important. So while the sports media can argue over whether Martz was a good hire or not, they need to remember that in one of the most important areas, he was a great hire.

Drama. That’s interesting.


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