Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Seems Certain, Say Reports

And I say, good. Look, whether you think homosexuality is a “sin” or something that flies in the face of creating a well-oiled military machine, the fact is that homosexuals have always been and always will be with us. I’m a libertarian. I have no problem with their lifestyle as long as they respect mine. And I firmly believe that every American needs to have a stake in the country. You should pay your taxes, vote, and if you wish and you’re physically able, you should be able to defend your country in the military. There is nothing to be gained by taking the homosexual community and giving them reason to disengage themselves from America’s role on the world stage.

That being said, it is obvious that the rights of homosexuals is not really a concern for Barack Obama. This move is merely a political bone to throw to his very disgruntled base. It’s the right decision but for the wrong reason.

And Colin Powell has shut the door on any shred of respect I had left for him. His reversal on the issue (even though he now agrees with me) is political hackery of the highest order.


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