Super Bowl Sunday

Well, we got through America The Beautiful and the National Anthem without me getting annoyed, so we’re off to a good start.

More to come…

3:47 PT: Best commercial so far: Snickers. Anything with Abe Vigoda has to be good.

4:20PT: Leno does ad for Letterman’s show? Wow.

4:42PT: When all is said and done, the hire of the year might end up being Larry Coyer. Jim Caldwell’s regime has given the Colts Defense an edge they never had under Dungy.

5:16PT: Tweet of the Day from Senator Jim DeMint:

5:23PT: Sean Payton was turned away at the blood bank. They don’t need ice water.

6:29PT: Wow. I haven’t seen Payton Manning make a mistake like that in a long time. That could be it.


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