Joe Biden’s Great Week

Sending Joe Biden to counter Dick Cheney is like taking a knife to a gun-fight. Case in point, Biden had the audacity to take credit for the success in Iraq brought on by the “Surge” that he and Obama fought against and sought to undo once they got into the Executive Branch (obviously, they didn’t).

One gets used to Joe Biden’s hypocrisy and lies, but for the man who once suggested breaking Iraq into three pieces to take credit for a military success from the Bush administration is just too much.

To top it off, he pissed off new Senate wunderkind Scott Brown by implying the Brown (who is a 30-year National Guardsmen and defense attorney) didn’t understand the difference between federal courts and military tribunals. Brown wasn’t amused and said so.

What makes this so all so astounding is that Biden really, truly believes he is the smartest man in America.

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