GOP Victorious In Health Care Smack-Down

I was listening to talk radio the other day and heard Democrat strategist Pat Caddell talking about the latest political news. He made the point that yes the Republicans are probably gonna win big this November but that their victory will be by default and that they’ve done nothing to earn votes except for the fact that they’re not Democrats. While I disagree with some of his reasoning, his overall point is correct.

That is, until today.

The Republicans accepted the invitation to hold a round-table discussion with President Obama and the Democrats on health care, live on television. Many said ‘Don’t do it, it’s a trap!’ And, of course, it was a trap and we had good reason to believe the Republicans weren’t smart enough for this political battle. Well, even the best of us were wrong. The Republicans, like any good NFL team, had a great game-plan and executed it beautifully. In other words, today at long last they earned their forthcoming votes.

And it appears the GOP has a new star in one Paul Ryan:


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