"Slaughter Rule" Latest

Jon Ward over at the Daily Caller just got a few words with House Rules Committee Chair Louise Slaughter on her so-called “Slaughter Solution” which would subvert the Constitution to pass health care. Amazing stuff:

DAILY CALLER: How realistic is it that they would do that?

SLAUGHTER: Pretty good.

DAILY CALLER: Pretty good?

SLAUGHTER: I, no, I don’t know. I’m just being a smart aleck. That decision’s not been made yet.

DAILY CALLER: Who’s going to make it?

SLAUGHTER: Well, I think the Speaker and I will probably be in on that.

DAILY CALLER: Now, can I ask you a rhetorical question? If you do this, can’t your opponents still say, ‘Well they didn’t technically vote for it but they still—’

SLAUGHTER: Your opponents can say anything.

DAILY CALLER: Right, but which argument will win?

SLAUGHTER: What we’ve got to do here is the right thing.

Just wow. We’re about as close to martial law as we’ve been in about 150 years.

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