Leinenkugel On Tap In Wisconsin Senate Race

Now that’s name recognition!
The latest entry to the Wisconsin senate race asked us to meet him Sunday at a neighborhood bar called Spanky’s in a blue collar section of Kenosha (near the Illinois border).
The tavern is owned by a friend of Dick Leinenkugel. This morning, Leinenkugel will announce what’s been rumored for weeks, that the former Wisconsin Commerce Secretary for Democratic Governor Jim Doyle will enter the Republican primary for the US Senate seat held for the last 17-years by Russ Feingold.
Leinenkugel is well-known statewide largely because of the family business…beer. Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company out of Chippewa Falls may not be as big as Milwaukee brewing behemoth Miller-Coors…but it’s a popular line of beers. Dick Leinenkugel left the company when he joined the Doyle administration in 2007.

Sounds like a mushy Republican at best, but compared to Feingold, most anyone would be Reaganesque.


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