Specter: "You Better Watch Out"

You better not cry…you better not pout I’m telling you why…Tea Parties are coming to town!

Okay, that was hokey, but it had to be said.

So Arlen Specter is overheard talking to Orrin Hatch and basically telling him, the Tea Partiers are coming after you next, pal. Hatch replied that it’s “vicious out there.”

The conversation is very telling. Their reaction to the political winds is not, “the people have spoken,” it’s “how dare they?” They see the electorate as a group that needs to be fought and outsmarted, not listened to. This is why the targeting of Bob Bennett was key. He may have been a good conservative for the most-part, but he had become entrenched in Washington elitism. We need new blood in Washington, even if it means replacing fairly solid conservatives. We need politicians that don’t see the public as an impediment.


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