Election Night Offers Insight

Some primary and special elections tonight. Some good news. Arlen Specter has been put out to pasture, at long last. He had some good years, but his recent behavior has been a textbook exercise in elitism and opportunism. He can play the “moderate” card all he wants…it was really all about him. And in a sense I feel bad for him, because I think he probably sees this loss as the end of his life. This is how entrenched some of these people get in Washington. Very sad.

The other good news is that Rand Paul won the GOP nomination in Kentucky. Yes, he’s the son of renowned fruitcake Ron Paul, but he seems to be much lower on the crazy-scale that ol’ poppa. He’d be a good addition to the Senate as long as we keep an eye on him.

The bad news is that the Democrats held onto Jack Murtha’s old House seat in Pennsylvania. It may be disappointing, but you can’t expect to win all 535 seats. This is a district that is gerrymandered the way a royal family is inbred. Even in a good GOP year, it’s a near impossible pickup.

Some people use crack-cocaine…in PA-12, the drug of choice is pork.


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