Obama Scandal And Resignation?

Okay, let’s dive into this. The Sestak scandal is starting to become a little bigger than I expected. Today, a new angle in Denver as we find out there is yet another Sestak in Senatorial candidate Andrew Romanoff who was offered a job not to run for the Senate in Colorado. This is according to anonymous sources out of the White House, i.e. a leak. (Paging G. Gordon Liddy…please pick up the bugged white courtesy phone)

Now you know me, I never take these anonymous-sources stories at face value because anyone that leaks something to the media does it for a reason: they want the information reported in the media. The question then becomes ‘why?’ Am I to believe there are people in the Obama Administration that want to hurt Obama? Of course, for George W. Bush, there were plenty, but Obama is a bureaucrat’s dream, so it’s harder to believe he has enemies in his own house. But anything is possible…I just suggest that you keep this in mind.

Interestingly, there is an article in the American Spectator this morning from Peter Ferrara who ups the ante from his original prediction that Obama won’t run in 2012 to predicting Obama will resign before 2012. It’s certainly fun to think about, but it’s not gonna happen. The former prediction is a possibility, though remote, but I’d eat my hat if Obama resigned. His ego would never allow it.

And it would mean President Biden. Scary to say they least, however, I find it interesting that today Biden became the only left-winger in the alpha quadrant of the Universe to take Israel’s side in the flotilla fiasco. Is he tacking to the center in anticipation of a big promotion?

While I’m in Oliver Stone mode, here is my conspiracy theory on Sestak/Romanoff: Obama knows the GOP is going to take over the House in November. Why not distract them with a presidential scandal and work up some sympathy with the public when they hold hearings? Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton!

Strange days.


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