Report: Nebraska On Verge Of Joining Big 10 Conference

Big news in college football as reports are circulating that Nebraska may be on the verge of leaving the Big 12 and joining the Big 10, possibly as soon as the week’s end. Naturally, there are other sources denying the reports, so what we most likely have here is the classic trial balloon to see how Big Red Nation (and the rest of the country) reacts to the news.

Well, this Husker fan say…go for it! Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska in the same conference? That’s must see TV.

MORE: Sports writers around the country are saying it’s a done deal. ESPN is reporting that Nebraska will go to the Big 10 while the Texas and Oklahoma schools and Colorado will head West to the Pac-10. Missouri is likely to join the Big 10 as well, leaving the Kansas schools and Iowa State in limbo.

Also interesting, (and infuriating) according to Steve Sipple, the Texas schools and their sport media are trying to cast Tom Osborne as the villain, i.e. the man who destroyed the Big 12 by being the first domino. I’d say that’s a badge of honor.


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