Larry King Calls It Quits

There is one positive in the Obama Era: we’re weeding out a lot of dead-wood. Helen Thomas is finally gone…Robert Byrd is finally gone…Ted Kennedy is FINALLY gone…and now, we’re finally going to be rid of the worst interviewer on TV, Larry King. King has announced he’s shutting down “Larry King Live” in the fall and moving to a part-time CNN gig where they’ll drag him out for big stuff like they did with Walter Cronkite. So in other words, we won’t see him much.

King had some good years, there’s no question about that, but for the last 10 or so, he’s really been phoning it in. From asking Jerry Seinfeld if his show was cancelled to calling the Russian Ambassador Garry Kasparov (the chess champion), King seemed to have retired from show-prep a long time ago. If you don’t prep for a show, that’s gonna be a bad show. His ratings have stunk for a long time and the jig is up.

Unfortunately, this is CNN we’re talking about, so expect someone much worse coming soon.


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