Gay Marriage Revisited

The other day I opined on the recent decision on California’s Prop 8 and mentioned my concerns on what cases like this are doing to the 14th Amendment and the Constitution as a whole. A good friend of mine asked if I thought the case Loving v. Virginia was wrong due to it using 14th Amendment rational. This case was about interracial marriage which was the Court deemed legal. It’s a fair question and worthy of further comment.

Naturally, I have no problem with interracial marriage (and if Beyonce will have me…), but there is an important similarity between interracial marriage and gay marriage. One is now with us, the other in an inevitability.

When gay marriage starting become a hot issue about 6 or 7 years ago and writers like Andrew Sullivan became obsessed with the issue, my first thought was “Don’t overreach guys, go slow.” Bottom line, cultures don’t change at the stroke of a pen or the bang of a gavel. Interracial marriage became acceptable over time and gay marriage will as well. You have to fight the good fight, change minds and eventually your day will come. The Constitution has nothing to do with marriage or sex, and while some would say that it’s worth bending the document to right a wrong, I say it’s a method that will eventually make the Constitution meaningless and the American people slaves to their government.


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