Justice Breyer Burns The First Amendment

Incredibly, we have a member of the Supreme Court (and probably 3 more) who has little understanding of the First Amendment. Zombie over at PJ Media dissects these recent statements:

Breyer: Indeed. And you can say with the Internet, you can say this: Holmes said it doesn’t mean you can shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Well, what is it? Why? Because people will be trampled to death. And what is the ‘crowded theater’ today? What is ‘being trampled to death’?

This leads to a larger point that I’m hearing a lot in liberal circles today. The argument goes that the Constitution was fine in the get-go, but now in a country of 300-million and an interconnected planet of 5-to-6 billion, it’s just too out of date. Look for this line of, ahem, “reasoning” a lot more in the future.


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