Election Night

9:45pm – And boom goes the dynamite. GOP officially wins House. Won’t win Senate, but tactically, that might be good. Next two years are gonna be crucial.

9:28pm – Well, we gave it a shot, but the Harry Reid machine (including Harrah’s and MGM) was just too much. You ran a good race, Sharron.

8:50pm – Jan Brewer wins in Arizona!

8:03pm – State of California commits suicide. I’m going to tell you this right now. When Jerry Brown goes to D.C. in a few years looking for a bailout, I’ll be on my representatives day and night to make sure they do NOT give it to them.

7:50pm – Now things are starting to fall into place. Nikki Haley wins in SC. Phil “I don’t care about the Constitution” Hare (winner of the John Wayne Gacy look-a-like contest) loses in Illinois and former NFL star John Runyan wins in NJ.

7:41pm – FEINGOLD LOSES!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LIFE!!!

7:02pm – GOP picks up Govs in Penn and Iowa which is huge for 2012.

7:00pm – As I said on Twitter, the GOP won’t get the Senate, but they gain quality people. Rubio and Portman replace RINOs.

About the Senate, saw the guys on Fox arguing over why GOP winning big in House but not as much in Senate. Rove points out that the pickups they get will still be huge historically. But let’s face it, the GOP is still in a civil war and to win Senate seats nationwide, you have to be united from top to bottom. The elites and Tea Partiers are still going at it…tonight being a huge battle.

6:11pm – I haven’t posted much…mostly been watching Twitter. You can find results on sites better than mine. Sorry to see some of the Senate losses, but they were long-shots. All the networks are projecting the House is the GOP’s. Won’t win the Senate, but we have to look at it from more than numbers. We’re getting some quality people, led by Rubio and Paul. Now, I’m pretty much invested in Sharron Angle’s race which I’m afraid is going to turn into Coleman-Franken. Stay tuned on that.

5:04pm – No surprises at this point. Rubio wins which is worth more than just that Senate seat. He has the stuff to be a major force for years to come.


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