The Morning After

Up and at ’em! Waking up to find some news:

Jim Oberstar defeated in Minnesota. That’s big. Having lived in Minnesota for four years, that does my heart good. Along with Ike Skelton in Missouri, that’s another Democrat House Chairman to go down. Couldn’t get John Dingell-berry, but can’t win ’em all.

GOP gained 63-67 seats in the House depending how a few close races pan out. Three Senate seats still in question, though none look good for the GOP, putting their pickup at 6. I’m heartbroken we couldn’t beat Harry Reid, but the casinos and union gets what they want in Nevada. We’re still very backwards here in many ways.

The big story to me is the face that the GOP pick up a bunch of Governships AND State Houses. This means they redraw the district lines in key states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. That’s huge for the future of the party and the country.

Florida is almost totally red. And with guys like Marco Rubio and Allen West, the state is going to get plenty of notice from here on out. Rick Scott won a tight one down there for Governor, which is also big.

Meanwhile, the conservative bloggers celebrate:


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