Obama’s Unnecessary War Powers Gambit

Krauthammer gives his take on Barack Obama’s reading of the presidential war powers, but we need to consider another fact: it is incredibly easy for a president to get permission from Congress to take military action. Incredibly easy. Doesn’t matter who is in the majority. All it takes is some average-to-good politicking, a few good speeches (and he loves making those), and some video of a suffering people. Even half that list would make the average Congressman fold like a deck chair…then later, they can talk about how things are out of control, they never expected the president to go this far, blah, blah, blah.

But that’s not good enough for Obama. This is the same man who keeps setting up commissions only to ignore their suggestions, the same man who has done an about-face on most every campaign promise, and the same man who knows Keynesian economics are a failure but pushes them anyway.

In short, it seems as though Obama pulls these power-plays just for the sake of it. The thought of having to get “permission” to do anything is anathema. He craves that authoritarian ardor that eminates from people like Hugo Chavez. If only Congress would just let it go and shut up about it…no one would pay any mind.

This has to end.


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