All Politics Isn’t Local, But All Tyranny Is

RightScoop has the story on the city council of an Arkansas town that wants to pass an ordinance that makes it illegal to form a group to discuss city business without first getting council approval.

It shows that while we need to clean house in Washington, we also need to clean house on our front stoop. Every year you hear of stories where the local police or bureaucrats shut down a kid’s lemonade stand or remove a neighborhood basketball hoop that’s too close to the street or what have you. Most of us don’t think about these local politicians unless we’re really involved in the community, and I’m no different, I admit. I do my own thing, I keep to myself, run in the circles I run in, but I couldn’t tell you what happened at the last County Commission meeting. Maybe I should, before they take my lemonade stand…and my First Amendment.


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