Carnage In Norway Comes With Many Lessons

When there was word of a bomb blast in Oslo, Norway, I figured it was probably Islamic terrorism. And why not? That’s a very rational conclusion to make. Even the New York Times agrees. Over the past two decades, who is most often responsible for such incidents? To say this is a knee-jerk reaction is disengenuous, but it’s a charge that is still made by many apologists for Islamic Jihad.

When the news hit that there was a man dressed as a policeman shooting up an island full of children, I had a feeling this wasn’t quite what we thought. Jihadist will kill any innocents, but it still didn’t seem like their MO. Now we find out that it was a Norwegian with apparent right-wing leanings behind these horrible acts. So, if this information holds true, he is essentially the Norwegian Timothy McVeigh.

This has led to crowing from many on the American Left. Charles Johnson is going after his favorite targets in Pamela Geller and Fjordman (even going so far as to speculate Fjordman was the shooter). What does this tell you? Why would the fact that the culprit is NOT Muslim give them joy? How can someone be so ideologically driven to take such a position? When I heard about the bombing I didn’t say, “Gee, I hope this was done by Muslims!” My reaction was “I wish this hadn’t happened.”

Still amazed that one man did all this (won’t be surprised if we find he had help), but just like many can’t believe one man killed JFK, we have to accept that fact that one man can make a huge impact through violence. What’s really amazing is that it doesn’t happen more often. All it really takes is will.

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One thought on “Carnage In Norway Comes With Many Lessons

  1. Ah, Charles Johnson crawls out & defames Fjordman – the very same Fjordman he once welcomed in his community back before Chazzer was turned by Belgian psy ops and got ambition.IMHO, it may have been 2007 when Chaz’ Grand Vision was conceived: to position himself to be the Daily Kos of the Right. He had to shed all that counterjihad crap and shove gobs of ppl under the bus. Even Hirsi Ali & Fallaci were too edgy for LGF 2.0Only one person partially sussed it. James Lewis saw how Chaz had been playedMr. Lewis ran down the proximate cause for the first dust-up: Belgian baddies. He missed Sweden's Expo, but they’d left early; it was clear their charges against Sweden Democrats were a false flag op. With Chaz’ opening salvos against smaller RW blogs, this is my guess on what he'd planned and how it went wrong:Charles built a Shunning Machine whose purpose was to attract the RNC. Wasn’t he the go-to guy for the Dan Rather thing? Right? So he had to wipe clean any dirt from the extremists like us or Fj.But he failed totally on his RNC plan for 2008…there he was stuck with this Shun Magik Machine. Angry at being rejected, he began aiming the SMM here & there against the other BIGs in the VRWC blogosphere. And he slowly reverted to his pre 9/11 Leftist self.Finally the BIGs were forced to notice the ‘friendly’ fire & experienced the discomfort of being in a dark space under a leaky bus w/ a whole bunch of other ppl. What th’?Nothing like being a victim to notice your attacker is nutz. Back when he was smearing European conservatives or small US blogs who cared? Even when scholarly research refuting each of his charges was sent to the BIGs, they ignored it. Didn't touch them, so why get involved…So now Chaz is a Leftie, just like he always wuz. Finally able to take off that VRWC girdle & let it all hang.BTW, your conclusion re the Norwegian is probably right. I haven't seen the images (won’t look) but a techie friend says some of those pics of the perp in uniform are photo shopped jobs.

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