D.B. Cooper Mania Running Wild

And admittedly, I’m a part of it. I love the D.B. Cooper saga and when the story hit that the FBI may have found a promising new lead, I was hot to trot.

Some interesting developments:

1) A new book on the D.B. Cooper case is scheduled to come out next week. The Christian Science Monitor rightly speculates on whether this is a mere coincidence or just a stroke of luck for the author, Geoffrey Gray:

Gray has said in an interview with the Today Show that he doubts that the new suspect will lead to any big breaks in the case, told NBC News, but he can’t help but be pleased about the likely jump in book sales “Skyjacking’ will get from the appearance of this well-timed new lead. Since the D.B. Cooper case is already surrounded by conspiracy theories, a book on the case and a new suspect popping up in the same week should have Cooper conspiracy theorists buzzing gleefully.

And I’ll probably play right into his hands.

2) The AP reports that the new lead comes from a “retired law enforcement source” on a man from the Northwest who (unfortunately) has been dead for 10 years. It’s too much to wish that Cooper is still alive and ready to begin a whirlwind media tour, but dreamers and their dreams.

Regardless, if they find out that Cooper survived the jump and lived for several years afterwards, that’s cool enough in itself. However, leads like this are like hot girls at a party…lots of teasing but they never pan out in the end.

The folks at the Seattle PI are having quite a bit of fun taking phones calls from alleged D.B. Coopers and other conspiracy nuts (not me). Funny read.


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