Ascribing Motives In 2012

This is the kind of thing that just makes my blood boil. Jeb Bush claims there is no schism between his family and Rick Perry, yet he takes veiled pot-shots at the Texas Governor including this little gem that speaks volumes.

“I think when you start ascribing bad motives to the guy [Obama], that’s wrong. It turns off people who want solutions.”

Okay, I have a lot of respect for the Bush’s, but this is why we need to move on from the Bush Dynasty and keep them out of the power circles of Washington (I’m looking at you Karl Rove). Anyone with any common sense can only come to one conclusion on President Obama: he DOES have bad motives. The only alternative is that he’s the dumbest man ever to reside in the White House and that just doesn’t seem plausible. He has and is wrecking the economy with policies that do not work. If you don’t believe me, please refer to the 20th Century for a pile of evidence taller than Yao Ming.

This constant, ridiculous notion that we can’t tell it like it is because it will “turn off” the voters is the same nonsense that has given us the disastrous campaigns of Bob Dole and John McCain, and the utterly disappointing second George W. Bush term (and much of the first) where it was considered beneath the presidency to respond to charges of being the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler.

This is pure twaddle and the GOP has to reject it if it wants to lead this country into the next decade…otherwise they’re just going to be the other side of the same coin.


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