Remembering Václav Havel

It’s not often words like “playwright” and “anti-communist” are applicable to one individual, but alas there was only one Václav Havel.

Smart readers of this blog know his general bio and his role in bringing about the fall of the Iron Curtain along with giants like Reagan, Walesa and Thatcher. He “fought the good fight,” as they say, for years in his native Czechoslovakia when many of his contemporaries (not wrongly) fled to the West. I was a teenager when the Communist apparatchik fell in that country and not surprisingly it was the first time I had heard of Havel. As someone of Czech heritage (Bohemia to be precise), I became enthralled with his life as a dissident and his eventual rise to the Presidency of Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic.

Men more learned than I can give him a better sendoff. (“Absurdistan.” Love it!)


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