Free Speech WiFi

Fascinating stuff over at Volokh Conspiracy about a police investigation into the NAME of a personal WiFi network:

A bigot named their WiFi signal “F— All Jews and N—-” — and now cops are investigating.

The hateful signal I.D. popped up on the iPhone of a 28-year-old mom inside a Teaneck, N.J. recreation center, where her 3-year-old daughter was attending dance class….

The Teaneck Police Department Juvenile Bureau and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Computer Crime Unit are investigating it as a “possible bias crime,” Wilson said.

Eugene goes into the possibilities of this being punishable as either obscenity or so-called “fighting words.” (Hint: it’s not.) Ah, Cohen v. California…it’s been a while.

Anywho, while I would have no interest in naming my WiFi at home something racist, this does make me realize that I’m missing a golden opportunity to spread some of my own propaganda and screw with my neighbors. So instead of the boring name I have for it now, I could call it “NOBAMA 2012” or “Meth Lab? What Meth Lab?”

It’s the little things in life.


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