The One World Government Museum

You ever read a story that makes you laugh out loud and then when your laughter subsides you realize there’s nothing funny whatsoever about the situation? That’s what this story did to me. From the Daily Mail, news that the EU is going to open a European history museum, but they apparently have Winston Smith hard at work on rewrites: (Hat tip: NRO)

The European Union (our real ruler) is opening a £44m museum that will be a House of European History. This vanity project in and of itself is an offensive waste of money as governments and peoples tighten belts across Europe.

But what I found most offensive of all is that World War II is to be described as “the European Civil War”.

That’s right: a European Civil War that saws millions fight and die in theatres around the world in places as diverse as Tobruk, Pearl Harbour and the Burma Railway.

This is really a case of the EU showing us its cards. It’s about creating a one-world government, a goal shared by Hitler. Now that comparison is a bit over the top but can anyone still make an intellectual argument that the mission of the EU isn’t to end the sovereignty of the European states?

Many on the loony left took George Bush 41’s statement about a “New World Order” and saw a conspiracy of the Masons, Bilderbergs, et al to create a one-world government which in that particular case they saw as bad, yet a few years later you had the Clinton Administration with foreign policy wonks such a Strobe Talbott who said “All countries are basically social arrangements, accommodations to changing circumstances . . . they are all artificial and temporary.”

So how can the most powerful nation on earth get in on this one-world creamy goodness? Why we have to be brought down to the rest of the world’s level. Anyone see that happening lately?


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