The Romney Surge: A Theory

If I weren’t such a pessimist, I would be inclined to say that the signs are there that Mitt Romney is pulling away from Barack Obama. He’s picking up steam in the swing states and the crowds coming out to see him are huge.

The campaign started rolling after Romney’s debate with President Obama. It was watched by 67 million Americans…a spectacular number and his performance gave a sterling first impression to the many who had, for all intents and purposes, seen him for the first time.

We hear every presidential election that “most” voters don’t really start getting into the race until October unlike us wonks who are into it 24/7 and can’t figure out how no one has made up their minds yet. However, this old cliche may have proven out, but (spoiler alert!) the MSM is to blame.

Let’s look at these people that supposedly were seeing Romney for the first time. To be more precise these were people that had, of course, heard of Mitt Romney, but up until that point, they knew him as a caricature. And who, dear reader, creates said caricatures? You guessed it.

As with any major political event, we get an endless stream of stupid “Do ____ Matter?” articles from the MSM. In the case of the Obama/Romney debate we got plenty of “Do Debates Matter?” write-ups and pontifications after the debate since it was clear their guy Obama got his clock cleaned.

So to answer this question: Yes, debates do matter…for Republican candidates, thanks to you, MSM. If the American people had had a real, unbiased representation of Mitt Romney from the media since he secured the GOP nomination, they wouldn’t have gone into the debate knowing him only as some rich guy with great hair who had something to do with the Olympics and might have injected some woman with cancer. But despite the MSM buffoonery, the debate wouldn’t have mattered as much if Romney hadn’t done as well as he did. If he wins in November, we may have to stop talking about the first Kennedy-Nixon debate as the most significant presidential debate in history.

Romney has the momentum right now, let’s just hope it’s enough.


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