What Separates Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Back in 1992, the country decided it was time for a change. The Cold War was “over” and the economy was a bit stagnant. President Bush was as wishy-washy as could be, going from “Read my lips” to “Well, alright…”

In came Bill Clinton, a lecherous hillbilly from Arkansas who had a magnificent charm and incredible ability to win people over. He also had a raging battle-axe of a wife, so you know…people could relate to him.

Once in office, the Clintons hit the ground running, moving to raise taxes and nationalize health care. The latter move was so unpopular, even the Democrat-controlled House wouldn’t go for it. In came the Gingrich gang and Bill Clinton was presented with a choice: Go down fighting in 1996 as a liberal; or move to the center and be beloved by the country. He chose adoration. Granted, it was easy for him. He had the media on his side and was able to take the credit for everything the GOP Congress did, but the fact that he was so narcissistic was a blessing in disguise. It was his narcissism that allowed the Congress to reform welfare and get the budget under control. You can nitpick over the good and bad that came out of the Clinton presidency, but in the year 2012, you can only look back on it as glory days by comparison. And again, this was thanks to Bill Clinton’s epic narcissism.

Now we come to the Obama presidency and it’s safe to say that his narcissism could beat up Bill Clinton’s narcissism. However, the difference between the two men is that Obama’s narcissism is, believe it or not, not his raison d’etre. No, this President, Barack Obama, has a desire more important to him than being loved by a majority of the American public…that is to fundamentally transform (his words) America.

I bring this up due to the ongoing battle in D.C. over the fiscal cliff. President Obama and Speaker Boehner are “playing chicken,” as they say, over what each side is willing to do on the issue. Naturally, Obama is offering tax hikes now and spending cuts on the 15th of Never. Meanwhile, Repubicans are labeled the party of the rich because they don’t want to see rates go up for anyone…and of course our general populace can’t grasp the fact that rich people don’t pay taxes anyway, no matter what their rates. Regardless, unless the discussion involves serious entitlements reform, it’s just a bunch of squawking over chump-change.

But, President Obama doesn’t want to go over a fiscal cliff, right? He doesn’t want people to suffer…he doesn’t want to take a political hit, does he? The answer is he does want to go over the fiscal cliff. He does want people to need more and more welfare. He does want to see America cut down to size.

Many have written about why he wants to “transform” American and I don’t know fully why he does, but I’m done with why. Long past it. All I care about is what. What he wants to do is send us over a fiscal cliff and bring more welfare into our lives…create more parasites and bums and slow the economic engine that is the United States. A lot of people just can’t stomach this assessment. There’s no way, in their minds, a president of the USA could want to hurt his country.

Believe what you want. The rest of us know what’s going on here. There was an old myth that a president in a bad economy usually doesn’t get re-elected…Hoover, Carter, Bush 41…but Barack Obama broke that trend by convincing enough people that they needed him because the economy was bad. That rich bastard Mitt Romney is gonna make you work for what you have. Shocking.

I still can’t stand Bill Clinton…but I’m thankful for his narcissism that delayed our country’s descent into the abyss for at least a little while. Kudos, Bill. Kudos!

Thus Spat Zarathustra


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